What may Facility Asset Strategies do for you?

From Peter Gorer’s perspective, every new situation represents a new universe, so his first priority is to listen carefully to the client’s account of how the current situation came about, and what will be most important in the future.

Initially, the client may know little about what Peter can to bring to the table, and Peter may not know what to suggest either until he has developed some clarity about what the client wants to accomplish and why.

Services may fit according to the following outline descriptions:

  • Ombudsperson/ standing neutral supporting long-duration project collaborations
  • Mediation and co-mediation
  • Neutral Facilitator Concept (NFC) provider
  • Capital project team negotiations support
  • Integrated Project Delivery (IPD) team dynamics facilitation
  • Facility Performance Evaluation (FPE) structuring and implementation
  • Executive coaching for collaborative leadership
  • Healthy building operations and maintenance policy facilitation
  • Value engineering facilitation
  • Stakeholder engagement and project goal-setting workshop facilitation
  • LEED Integrative Process (IP) planning and implementation support
  • Owner’s Project Requirements (OPR) development


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