How Facility Asset Strategies may provide value

Facility Asset Strategies aims to help clients navigate complex environments offering attractive possibilities tempered by uncertainty and risks; where many want to express their voice, facts may be elusive, and few single right answers are apparent.

Why Facility Asset Strategies?

In inventing the term, Peter Gorer uses Facility to emphasize functional qualities.  Asset acknowledges the facility’s value.  Strategies refers to the process of integrating the facility with organizational needs and aspirations.

In addition to satisfying technical criteria, Peter appreciates that a successful strategy often emerges from multiple stakeholders interacting creatively; whether collaborations occur during project planning, design or construction; while the facility is in use; or when people encounter difficult situations fraught with discord.

Using facilitative negotiation skills enhanced by professional understanding, Peter helps clients face the situation and use integrative dynamics to achieve and sustain harmony.


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